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Corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an organisational culture of health. Offering a corporate wellness solution that extends beyond traditional wellness programs cultivates healthy habits among employee populations and improves health outcomes, all while increasing productivity, optimizing human resource investments, and boosting employee engagement.

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Corporate Wellness Statistics

The cost for work injuries and ill health sustained in 2011 was estimated to have cost Singapore $2.62 billion, with employers bearing 88.2% of the cost, employees at 9.5%, and the community at 2.3% (Workplace Health and Safety Institute, 2011).

How Does Corporate Wellness Help?

Employees spend a lot of time in the workplace, and correlating wellness goals with work-life balance is mission-critical to driving business outcomes. Having a corporate wellness program is imperative to the foundation of your business. Building a successful corporate wellness program takes time, and includes a wellness solution that is embedded in the culture of the organization.

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Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

Here at Heartland Rehab, we believe that healthy workers are effective workers. The best way to approach good health is prevention, hence, we believe that education plays a big role in empowering individuals and corporations to prevent work injuries and ill health. This is further backed by researchers from Harvard University who published an extensive summary from 22 different studies over a course of 3 years and they found that for every $1 that was spent on a wellness program, the company saved $3.27 because of reduced healthcare costs.

Heartland Rehab Corporate Wellness Services

We provide both online and on-site seminars/workshops to educate the public on various topics related to health and wellness. Here are some of the topics that we cover:

  • Work-related Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Back Care
  • Neck Care
  • Office Massage – Helping Yourself and Colleague
  • Physiotherapy Management of Knee Pain / Exercise Your Way to Healthy Knees
  • Exercise Right for a Better You
  • Exercising Right Through Knowing your Fitness Level
  • Common Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
  • Training for your First Marathon
  • Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Factors with Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Deskercise
  • And more…

We have corporate partnerships with companies like GRAB and CERTIS and provide health talks and physiotherapy to their staff. Contact us to find out more about our corporate programs and how you and your company can benefit from them.

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