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In partnership with Human Performance SG, we offer tailored and customised fitness programmes with the aim to integrate two important factors that help us keep our bodies healthy and fit: physical activity and eating healthy.

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About Human Performance SG

Human Performance SG is one of the leading providers of qualified and experienced personal fitness training in Singapore. We aim to provide affordable health and fitness services for the masses by using a holistic approach to fitness. Whether our clients are interested in building muscle, losing weight, injury rehabilitation, improve nutrition, enhancing their physique or developing a healthier body image, we have personal trainers, sports masseuse and physiotherapists available who can help them achieve these goals and more.

Human Performance SG  X  Heartland Rehab Programmes

Leading a healthy life is not just about going on fad diets and exercising sporadically; it’s about embracing the idea of living life to the fullest by making sure that you look after yourself. We currently offer the following programmes:

  • The Elderfit+ Programme
  • The Heartland Bootcamp

The Elderfit+ Programme

The Elderfit+ Programme is for seniors above 55 years looking to get in shape, reduce chances of chronic disease, improve lifestyle, balance better, improve bone density, prevent muscle atrophy and so much more.

The Heartland Bootcamp

The Heartland Bootcamp is for anyone looking to lose weight, improve strength & endurance, boost energy levels or just to have a good time with friends!

The Importance and Benefits of a Fitness Programme

Working out with consistency is important for achieving fitness results. Incorporating a workout plan will help you to achieve greater consistency. A commitment to a regular workout regimen will increase your fitness level, improve your health and generate a greater sense of mental well-being. Committing to a fitness regimen means mapping out a plan for an activity or a series of activities that can be done with consistency. For some people, it is common to become energized about working out and jump right in. In these cases, unless there is a long-term plan in place or some thought has gone into how the fitness activity will be sustained, there is often a drop-off in enthusiasm, resulting in inconsistency. But a well-thought-out fitness plan will go a long way in helping you to reach your goals.

If you are thinking about embracing a new challenge and looking for an effective path to accomplish your goals, contact us to see if our fitness programmes are a good fit for you.

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