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Sports Physiotherapy consists of the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of sports injuries. Rehabilitation starts with comprehensive movement analysis and treatment focusing on sport-specific exercises to restore and enhance the performance of the everyday athlete.

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What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy that deals with rehabilitation, education, and prevention of sporting injuries for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an elite athlete or a regular individual who participates in recreational exercise, sports physiotherapy is a service that can benefit you greatly.

The Different Aspects of Sports Physiotherapy

The four main aspects of sports physiotherapy are:

  1. Rehabilitation
  2. Optimization of Sporting Performance
  3. Injury Prevention
  4. Education
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The Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy

With the aid of sports physiotherapy, many conditions and injuries can be improved or assisted to heal even faster. For example, physiotherapy can be invaluable in training an individual to compensate for issues such as irregular muscle tone, as well as more pronounced or longer-term challenges like amputated limbs.

What To Expect During a Therapy Appointment

Your physiotherapist will want to make sure that you are progressing every session towards your goals. To do this, your physiotherapist will consistently measure and track your range of motion, strength, posture, or nerve sensation during every visit – depending upon your needs. Your physiotherapist will also discuss exercises that you can complete at home to further your rehabilitation. These activities will help your recovery advance quicker than just therapy appointments alone.

The Sports Physiotherapy programme we provide at Heartland Rehab is a comprehensive one. This is because we want our clients to benefit greatly from our services. Regardless of your age and sporting abilities, having a Sports Physiotherapy programme will add value to your sporting performance, allowing you to stay fit and live healthily. Should you have more inquiries, please feel free to contact us immediately.

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