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Use it for measuring isometric strength and biofeedback training. Perform operator-independent measurements. It can be easily secured to a physiotherapist’s table, to wall bars, or to a pulley system. Link is provided with accessories for turnkey use :

  • 2 carabiners
  • 2 loop fastening accessories for securing and to the desired limb and to a physiotherapy table, to wall bars, or to a pulley system
  • 2 different resistance elastics for exercise with resistance
  • 1 adjustable rigid strap for the measurement of the maximum isometric force


KINVENT was founded in 2017 by Athanase Kollias, a biomechanics engineer, and is located in Montpellier.

“In the K team we are all sportsmen and we had realized that rehabilitation was still a tedious process for most of the patients, including us! So, we decided to use our engineering background and our innovative temperaments to help professionals through biomechanics, to assess, motivate, and follow-up a patient’s progress” says the founder.

KINVENT’s groundbreaking innovations bring scientific laboratory tools into the clinic providing unparalleled efficiency in progress follow-up. They apply their philosophy in all sectors from sports injuries and physical performance to pediatrics, geriatrics, and rheumatology.

Since the KFORCE was launched, it has already become a crucial and central element in physical therapy care and has been adopted by professionals around the world, including clinics, hospitals, and PRO elite sports clubs. According to many users’ reviews, is its versatility and ease of use made it so famous in the sports and physiotherapy circles.


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