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We follow up-to-date evidence based practice to include exercise, education, spinal and joint mobilisation/manipulation, manual therapy, dry needling, and electrophysical modalities to make a difference in your rehab.


Questions on a typical physiotherapy session and post-recovery procedures answered to ensure that you know what to expect and can focus on making a full recovery.

Physiotherapists are well trained in managing a spectrum of conditions and diseases with a deep understanding of how the intricate system within our body works. With a commitment to evidence-based practice, you can be sure you are getting the best treatment tailored to your specific condition. If anything, physiotherapy promises to not cause any harm and thrives on continual education to get you back on your feet!
Pain is one of the main, but not the only, outcome measure used in formulating your treatment plan. You can rest assure that any discomfort is monitored throughout the process to help you ease into proper movement patterns and function.

Physiotherapists use a variety of pain-relieving techniques that include sports massage, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound therapy, cryotherapy, heat therapy, dry needling and many more.

Your physiotherapist will provide information on the desired effects of the modalities and any warnings to take note. After adjusting the appropriate dosage for your individualised treatment plan, the session will begin in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our physiotherapists are all locally trained with internationally recognised certification and are registered with the Allied Health Professions Council (Singapore). All our therapists have a strong foundation in the science of Physiotherapy and each carries their own flair of manual handling and communication which makes each session personalised and comfortable.

Other than having male and female therapists, we also boast fluency in multiple local languages, not exhaustive to, English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Hindi, Hokkien, Cantonese.

Speak to us today if in doubt of the right fit, all your queries are kept in confidence.

Doctor’s referrals are not a must to seek treatment and physiotherapy is commonly the first line of treatment in many countries.

Research has shown that starting rehabilitation and encouraging early mobility (2 days post-injury) has shown to result in earlier return to function and sports with huge cost savings with direct access to Physiotherapy.

Get a free tele-consult when you call us on your condition and we will advise you if you need a doctor’s review first or if it’s suitable for you to come in for an initial assessment with our physiotherapists.

All our consultations and treatment range from 45 – 60 mins and we believe this is an appropriate length of time to thoroughly assess and to provide the best form of treatment. We also cater to the office workers and shift workers by being open till 9 pm on weekdays. We are also open on Saturdays and most Public Holidays.
We focus on getting you back to doing what you love as early as possible and two-way communication is used to set goals and timeline for recovery.

We often give an accurate prognosis as early as the second session once tissue healing and functional status are monitored. After which a set of personalised home exercises is provided for you to take control of your own recovery.

Please be appropriately clothed with adequate accessibility and exposure to the affected joint or area. Sporting attire is often encouraged. You are also encouraged to bring along any other medical documents and referral letters related to your injury.

Don’t forget a warm heart and a big smile.

Upon your first visit, a thorough verbal assessment will begin tracing back the possible cause of your injury. After this, a physical assessment evaluating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, posture, walking and running patterns will be done as necessary.

Short term and long terms goals will be set during this session as well as information on your available options for treatment will be made, be it in house, or referral to other healthcare professions such as Orthopaedic surgeons.

We accept AMEX, NETS, Cash and GrabPay.
We are recognised by all major medical insurers and medical assistance organisations.

Direct billing (cashless) is also possible with a pre-authorisation of service if your insurance company issues a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) stating the need for a number of physiotherapy sessions and the coverage limit.

Still unsure? Speak to us so we can better advise you.

We can treat your pain and help you
recover to your full potential.

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Regain Your Mobility

Whether your situation was caused by a sports or workplace injury, illness, accident or the wear and tear that comes with age, our physiotherapists offer specialised treatments and programmes to speed up your recovery and get you back doing the things you love.

Physiotherapy Matters

Physiotherapy can benefit patients through a number of treatments, exercises, and activities to improve muscle tone or dexterity. Benefits include reducing pain, increasing joint mobility, improving strength and coordination, and enhancing cardiorespiratory function.

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We are committed to the highest standard of care and therapy by consistently employing medically-backed treatment approaches throughout our physiotherapy clinics.

Never really believed in physiotherapy but a trip to heartland changed my wife and my beliefs. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Tim, not sure if all therapists are like him - professional, patient and very knowledgeable. He did a very thorough check on my wife’s chronic neck pains and explained everything in great detail. We weren’t expecting a miracle but at the end of the session, my wife said she never felt better. Would strongly recommend him. The centre itself is spacious, clean and fully equipped.5 stars
Kenneth Yeo
Kenneth Yeo
00:13 28 May 20
Bala is an amazingly knowledgeable and methodical physio who can explain the rationale behind each action he does to help fix my issues. He is also accommodating of my erratic schedule, which was a huge plus point for me! Would definitely recommend Bala 💯
Mitra Holyaxile
Mitra Holyaxile
10:43 11 Mar 20
I had a toe injury that I was struggling to recover from. With Timothy's help and patient guidance, I was able to recover and build up strength in my toe in just two months. And for the first time in 8 months I was able to rock climb without pain. During the sessions, Timothy spends time and effort to listen to his patients and to recommend exercises based on their physical condition and sporting requirements. This is what makes Timothy and Help Heal unique from other physios. Plus, their prices are reasonable. So if you need help recovering from an injury, I highly recommend Help Heal!
Kevin Low
Kevin Low
13:26 02 Mar 20
Great-natured professionals in a comfortable environment with accessible parking options. Plenty of toilet rolls and other amenities nearby for your hoarding needs as well. Heal soon at Helphealsg (;
Sharavana Rama
Sharavana Rama
14:00 12 Feb 20
Came across HelpHeal through Google in search of Physiotherapy due to a back injury I thought I’ve sustained. Was apprehensive about going because it was my first time. Was greeted by my physiotherapist Timothy when I came, he started the session off with consulting me about the whole process of how I got my injury, he then slowly explained to me how it is most likely a sprain rather than an injury. Throughout the following sessions, he helped me through doing a lot of stretching exercises, through correcting me and teaching me what the proper posture was. I really enjoyed the sessions as they were really professional and effective in helping me recover from the sprain. Now I’m feeling much better and well recovered to carry out my tasks in the army.
Markus Chua
Markus Chua
06:05 26 Jan 20
Great, professional service at a reasonable price. Timothy helped me sort out multiple small injuries over a few sessions and I have recovered well. Highly recommended!
Charmaine Miranda
Charmaine Miranda
12:28 21 Jan 20
I was seen by Timothy for my chronic back pain due to disc degeneration which affects my movement n posture. Very experience and attentive physiotherapist that took me one step at a time ensuring the exercises are within tolerance. What was new to me this time was this thing called dry needling which helps to relieve the muscle spasm. It works WONDER! My back pain recover in a speedy short two weeks n the exercises helps me to better manage whenever I feel the strain kicking in. Well as the sign stated help heal, they have lived up to it. Highly recommended!
Adeline Wong
Adeline Wong
10:25 09 Jan 20
I have decided to leave a review after my 9th visit for various calf and back strains. These are the few things that I look out for when it comes to a health care professional. 1)open mindedness to seek new ways of evidence based treatments for clients. The owners, Bala and Gareth always approach their practice with a learned attitude. I've seen them going for courses and upgrading themselves relentlessly2)they like to share and explain their knowledge in their field so that i understand why certain exercises are needed. My recent calf strain was due to a weak glute muscle which Bala diagnosed and explained to me the exercises that I have to do to strengthen them.3)follow up. Alot of times we do not recover well because we are lazy to do the exercises required. Bala followed up with me closely and I am appreciative of thatIf I have to pick one thing that they can improve on, it would be their location but this is a small issue which I think the owners will soon sort out as their vision is to bring physiotherapy to the masses.I will not hesitate to recommend my network to them after my 9th visit.
Yong Kang Wong
Yong Kang Wong
07:18 20 Dec 19


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